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  • I don't have straps on my chair now will the Universal Beach Chair Backpack Strap work on my chair??
    Most likely, yes. If you have tubular construction up to 1-1/2" in diameter and those tubes are exposed in any way at the top back of the frame our product will work. So a traditional webbed chair is a perfect fit for the back pack strap. The backpack strap works really well on Telescope Casual brand chairs and a host of other brands like Tommy Bahama, RIO, Lawn chair USA, Outdoor Spectator, Outsider, #WEJOY and more. Don't believe me? Email a photo of both sides of your chair to: and I'll respond with a markup of where the connectors will go on your specific chair. Let me know if you're using the straps as backpacks or as a side carry strap.
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